“It’s beautiful and it’s euphoric.”

During the live via satellite Q and A after the film, Liam Gallagher’s continued love affair with the band that made him is still very evident.

‘Supersonic’, which documents the meteoric rise of Manchester band Oasis, up to their legendary dates at Knebworth in 1996, sold out cinemas across the world for an exclusive one-night-only screening.

The film, directed by Mat Whitecross and the producers of ‘Amy’ and ‘Senna’, was a joyous look back at the band’s golden years, infused with commentary from the likes of Noel, Liam, Bonehead, Peggy Gallagher, Alan McGee and many more.

The documentary is made up of archive footage, some of which was sent in by fans, with Liam agreeing afterwards that it was rather remarkable how they managed to find such rare and special moments.

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The nostalgic two hours is rather predictably sprinkled with some the Gallagher brothers’ notorious rows, but this is rightly left in the shadow of the charismatic and irresistible personalities which make it a lot of fun to watch, evoking constant laughter from the audience.

Noel and Liam talk candidly about Oasis.

Looking back at the infamous night at King Tut’s, the drunken brawl on the ferry to Amsterdam, the craziness of Japan, the shambles at Whiskey A Go Go, the recording of both ‘Definitely Maybe‘ and ‘What’s the Story‘ as well as the glory of Knebworth….

This film is an indulgence for Oasis and music fans alike and should not be missed.

Supersonic is out on DVD and Blu Ray on 31st October.

By Natalie Rees

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