JAMIE McCool made his way to Manchester’s Night and Day Café on Friday (October 21) night for a one-stop show – and his electrifying character made the show one to remember.

The show opened at 8:30pm with support act Jack Curney in what was a powerful performance from a younger artist.

During the set he played numbers like ‘Little Lion Man‘ by Mumford and Sons, ‘Let’s Get It On‘ by Marvin Gaye and ‘Ain’t No Sunshine‘ by Bill Withers – putting his own individual style into the songs which gave them a new lease of life.

Alongside this, Curney also performed a few of his own tracks – these included ‘1945‘ and ‘Together‘, well written and very mature tracks – as a solo artist, Curney has the potential to go far.

After a successful support act, on came McCool to finish the show.

His confidence, swagger and enthusiasm was obvious from the get-go, his regular banter with his mum (on the side of the stage) and his girlfriend (in the crowd) was warming to see a musician handle himself so personally, instead of being cold with his audience.

He opened the night with ‘No Good’ a soulful, electronic number which not only showed off his impressive vocal range, but his ability to get a crowd going with his eccentric dancing and various faces he pulled during the hit.

Following this was ‘You My Friend’, a notable side note is that this is currently the only released song of his on Spotify – and it is performing amazing well, with over two million plays.

His sound is reminiscent of a beat you would hear in Ibiza – but with the voice of a soul/funk singer, which made for an eclectic combination.

As his set progressed, McCool dropped ‘Tired of Being Alone’ or as he called it ‘Friday Night’ due to his and his band members writing the song when they were leathered on a Friday night – and being amazed at what they had wrote.

This slowed down the fast beats which McCool had been producing so far, and showed his ability to adapt to different speeds and sounds.

By this time the audience were fully engaged and McCool had them in the palm of his hand – including me.

Other memorable hits from Jamie McCool came in the form of ‘Man In Black’ not to be confused with Will Smith’s Men In Black.

This song made a return to the soulful roots that he started with at the beginning of the set – and beyond a shadow of a doubt, he sent home the paying customers happy.

All in all a thunderous, soulful, boisterous set by Jamie McCool – if you haven’t heard of him yet, you definitely will soon.

By Dan Willis

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