AN IMMERSIVE morning dance party made its way to Manchester at the end of November, with Morning Gloryville bringing people a new way to welcome the day through early-morning, sober raving. 

The movement started in London in 2013, allowing people to start their day with a morning boogie – a new way to wake up and release positive energy.

On November 23, Manchester got to experience the Morning Gloryville effect.

With everyone welcome to join the sober crowd, the event aims to reach all audiences, and offers not only dancing, but other well-being treats such as free yoga and massages, smoothies, and healthy breakfasts.

Morning Gloryville
Image: Dominic Simpson, VooDoo Imaging
Morning Gloryville
Image: Dominic Simpson, VooDoo Imaging






In today’s society, there’s so much focus on health, well-being, and exercise that an event like Morning Gloryville could be just what people need to boost their endorphines and heart rate before work or school.

Dance psychologist, Dr Peter Lovatt, told The Telegraph back in April: “You appear to get a much bigger release of endorphines when you dance than during other forms of exercise; it also connects with the emotional centres in the brain.” This suggests that early morning raving is not only good for you physically, but also has a positive effect on your mental health.

As well as the affirmative effects of dancing, the sober factor is also one to take note of. Living in a city where every event is typically fueled by alcohol, it’s a refreshing change to see an event that markets itself on its alcohol-free policy.

The UK currently has one of the highest levels of alcohol consumption in Europe, and with Manchester having one of the highest rates in England for alcohol-attributable hospital admissions – these having increased significantly over recent years – it’s obvious that a call for sober events is needed now more than ever.

In an interview with Morning Gloryville, Fatboy Slim spoke about his experience:

“Having been sober for six years and having played to so many drunk crowds, I kinda thought, yeah that still works. But playing sober, to a sober crowd and knowing that they are as stupid as you, took it to a new level of clarity and yet stupidity.”

“I was really quite emotional at the end of that. One of the best audiences I’ve ever had in my life.”

Manchester student, Ella Boston, 21, attended the event last month. Speaking about the atmosphere, she said:

“Waking up at 6am was hard but exhilarating! Once I stepped into the smoky neon blue dance room I was energised and inspired.

“It was much more dance and party oriented than I expected, (and I was happy about that) but with the underlying twist of it being 7am everything had this cheeky glimmer of morning freshness.”

“I felt so empowered and happy especially by those dancing with their young children. Me and my friend commented on how valuable that will be for the child’s upbringing.”

Unlike many students, Ella doesn’t drink alcohol; however, she still thrives in the party scene. speaking about attending an alcohol free event, she told us:

“I haven’t been getting drunk for two years and I love it – it’s changed my life for the better and made me engage, listen, grow! I feel that many people want to do the same but feel restricted by drinking culture being so integral to our society.

“I don’t want my non-drinking to isolate me from party culture, which is why events like Morning Gloryville mean so much to me! Events like that can be a real eye opener for people and can teach them how to enjoy partying without alcohol!”

Hosting events in London, Singapore, Calais, and now Manchester, the Morning Gloryville team take their parties across the globe to allow people to ‘nourish their souls and lose their inhibitions authentically’, through the medium of dance and movement. Taking along DJ’s such as Fatboy Slim and Basement Jaxx, and attracting people from all walks of life, lawyers and students alike, this new means of self-love and exercise is drawing in massive crowds and massive appreciation.

Morning Gloryville
Image: Dominic Simpson
Morning Gloryville
Image: Dominic Simpson





Check out what Morning Gloryville are up to and keep your eyes peeled for local events at: 

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