CAGE fighter Alex Reid and Hollyoaks star Andrew McGuire are performing the Christmas Pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk this month in Middleton.

Since the age of 14, Alex has been into mixed martial artsand has taken part in numerous cage fights. He appeared in Hollyoaks in 2001, however it wasn’t until 2010 that he shot to fame with his appearance in the film ‘Killer Bitch’.

Later that year, he began dating glamour model Katie Price (aka Jordan) to which he was to married to for eleven months and secured his celebrity status in series seven of Big Brother.

Alex said, “My life is a pantomime unfortunately in the media. I detest the word celebrity. I always wanted to be famous and I liked the idea of the cheer of the crowd and that’s what I’m doing.

“Appearing in Jack and the Beanstalk has been a nice stepping stone back into something I absolutely love. I’ve done TV and films and stage before, but I haven’t been doing it because of this salacious media.”

Quays News reporter, Gem O’Reilly, with Alex (left) and Andrew (right). Source: Abigail Gillibrand

The show started on December 1 and is taking place at Middleton Arena, Joel Halliwell VC Way, until the New Year.

“We’ve done two shows today and we have around 60 in total over the four weeks. It’s intense.”

The production will be the second time Alex has performed in a pantomime.

He said, “People don’t realise that I am trained as an actor and I’ve done lots of TV.

“I love pantomime, I love performing.”

Although taking on the role as the baddy Fleshcreep, Alex showed his softer side when responding to his audience’s reaction.

“I felt very bad the other day, because I’m the bad guy and I have a big giant costume and there was this little girl who was crying her eyes out and I felt so bad.

“I had to be nasty and all I wanted to be was nice.”

It is not only the pantomime that Alex has taken on this year, but he has just launched his personal training website, Alex Reid Training (ART), which the cast have been doing in between show.

Alex said it is going from strength to strength.

You can still buy tickets for Jack and the Beanstalk at Middleton Arena’s website:

Also for more information on ART go to:

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