A LIST compiled by an insurance firm, Privilege revealed that Manchester is the second worst city in the UK for parking, closely following top of the list Birmingham.

The list was created by comparing the amount of parking tickets, the length it takes to look for a parking space on average and the amount of vehicles that had suffered parking related damage. These statistics were combined to give each city a ‘parking score’ put our city at a shameful second place position with a ‘parking score’ of 217, just 11 lower than Birmingham.

The overall rankings are:

  1. Birmingham
  2. Manchester
  3. Cardiff
  4. Bristol
  5. London
  6. Plymouth
  7. Southampton
  8. Edinburgh
  9. Liverpool
  10. Newcastle

With the Christmas markets popping up and the mad rush for the Christmas shop beginning, there’s going to be even more parking incidents, in our already badly ranked city. Thankfully, the Manchester city council have revealed the top worst places for parking penalties (or PCN’S) in Manchester. The not so shocking culprits on this list include the likes of Deansgate and Liverpool Road.


However, instead of avoiding the streets listed above and trying to find the best parking deals, its best to stick to the trams, trains and buses in Manchester this Christmas.

Metrolink have even launched an appeal in order to get more people on the trams especially at this time of year where the streets are particularly busy.

For a simple day travel on the tram it is only XXX whereas the parking anywhere in Manchester can sometimes be very extortionate especially if you land yourself the £70 parking fine.

The long day of a Christmas shop would usually for a hard earned drink and now you can throw away the mocktail menu and splash out on something fancy at the end of your busy day.

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