The Northern Vegan Festival returns to Manchester bringing with it everything and anything a vegan heart — and stomach – desires.

The charity run festival is being held on Saturday (April 1) and is spread across four city venues which include Manchester Central, The Friends Meeting House, Cross Street Chapel, and The Thirsty Scholar. All are within five minutes’ walk of each other.

The rising vegan trend in Manchester is shown with the rapid growth of the festival. In its three-year history, the festival has doubled in size and now caters to more than 4,000 visitors to more than 200 stalls.

The stalls, many local businesses, are based at Manchester Central and will offer visitors a massive selection of vegan alternatives for everyday life such as food, drinks, jewelry, medicine, and toiletries.

Manchester Central (Courtesy of Google)
Manchester Central (Courtesy of Google)

The festival will also be offering workshops and informational talks by professionals at the Friends Meeting House on Mount Street. These talks aim to teach, entertain, and give visitors all the information needed to transition to a vegan lifestyle which is one of the main achievements that the festival hopes for. A Green Fair will also be held at Cross street Chapel.

And finally, a vegan beer, wine and cider festival will be running at the nearby pub ‘The Thirsty Scholar’ which will run from noon till 3am. The other venues are open from 11am until 6pm and tickets give visitors access to all areas.

The Northern Vegan festival says; “We see lots of people interested in Veganism and the festival offers so much advice and helpful information about Veganism in an entertaining way.  A lot of the time people just want or need to hear more information and ask questions. To know that they have an information source and someone to talk to for them to be able to make the transition into veganism.

We very simply want to show people that being vegan is the healthiest, fun-nest, most varied and satisfying lifestyle that there is.”

Northern Vegan festival Poster (Courtesy of The Northern vegan festival Facebook page)
Northern Vegan festival Poster (Courtesy of The Northern vegan festival Facebook page)

Tickets for the Northern Vegan festival are available to pre-book and to buy on the day, an adult ticket will cost £5 and under 14’s are free with a pre-purchased adult ticket.

The Northern Vegan festival have hopes of growing every year in hope to reach more people, the festival is currently trialing a two-day festival as certain cities across the UK.

To buy tickets for the Northern Vegan Festival or to find out more information on The Northern Vegan Festival visit the website;

Or visit the Facebook page;

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