LANCASHIRE County Cricket team have visited the Manchester Royal Children’s hospital today, to spread and offer their support to the children.

Players and coaches gave out selection boxes and presents to the children as they spent the afternoon walking around the hospital wards and speaking with the children and their families.

Lancashire Cricket players visited children at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

Despite negativity around England’s disappointment in the Ashes in Australia, the Lancashire team have been able to lift spirits back home in Manchester.

Former captain Steven Croft said: “We have been able to come down today and offer support and put smiles on the children’s faces. We have handed out selection boxes and presents for all the children in the hospital.

“It is important that we get out in to the community, in to hospitals and schools and show that we can help the wider community here in Manchester.”

Despite the lack of success for the England team in Australia so far in The Ashes, the players have lifted spirits.

“Some of the children don’t know exactly who we are but we come, give out presents and that’s enough to put smiles on their faces. I have a family myself so I know how tough it is seeing kids that are unwell but putting a smile on their face is all worth it in the end.”

Batsman Karl Brown stated: “It’s something we have done for the last few years. We visit the children, go around the wards and brighten up their days if we can. We just want to do our bit.”

Steven Croft (Left) and Karl Brown (Right) offered their support at Manchester Children’s Hospital.

With all eyes on England’s next test in the Ashes in Australia, the Lancashire players were stating the importance of winning the next test.

Croft said: “We need to improve on all fronts really. It’s a must win game to keep us in the competition.

“We definitely don’t want it to be a whitewash! We need to keep the series alive after this test.”

The Lancashire county team will certainly be supporting their player James Anderson ahead of the next test.

Brown said: “Jimmie is a world class bowler so I think he can prove himself in any conditions.”

The next test will start on the December 14, where England face Australia in the third test in Perth.

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