SALFORD University lecturers continue their pension dispute strikes today, as national negotiation begins.

Nationwide lecturers are striking in protest of the Universities Superannuation Scheme national pension scheme, which has an estimated £6.1 billion deficit between the value of the scheme’s assets and its liabilities, affecting around 400,000 members.

Today the two sides of the dispute, Universities UK for the employers, and the University and College Union meet to discuss options, in order to reach negotiation before they are forced to continue their strike action into next month.

The striking dates have been the 22nd to 23rd and 6th to 28th of February and will continue in March should agreements not be settled on, from the 5th to the 8th and the 12th to the 16th.

The current proposal for a pension scheme change by Universities UK will result in an average lecturer losing approximately £10,000 a year in retirement should it be changed.

Universities UK is a representative organisation for the UK’s universities and are trying to maintain discussions over the future of the USS scheme, which is a part of their remuneration package for higher education.

Professor Helen Marshall, Vice-Chancellor at the university, said;”I hope that the current dispute can be resolved as quickly as possible and that we have an outcome for all parties that is fair and affordable.

“Once again I’d like to thank all staff who are working hard to minimise disruption to our students during this difficult time.”

The University and College Union represent over 110,000 members in jobs varying from academics to lecturers, even postgraduates in prison.

The strike is supported by the Students Union, being mandated by Union Council Policy support striking staff in whatever action they choose.

Due to the disruptions to the lectures many students across the country have been wanting financial compensation for their missed education time.

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