AS the assessment period begins, students are being reminded of the benefits of the “happy chemicals” released during exercise to reduce exam stress.

Recent statistics show that young adults spend more than six hours a day feeling ‘stressed out and under pressure’ with many feeling like they do not know how to cope with this.

Duty Manager at The University of Salford Sports Centre, Daley O’Neal, has today been sharing his advice on beating exam stress through exercise and healthy eating.

He stated: “The science behind it is the happy chemicals released, the endorphins in your brain, that help to increase your self confidence and resilience- which is all important during the exam period.”

Exercise is known for increasing creativity and improving short-term memory and reaction times- aiding the revision process.

The University of Salford Sports Centre offer a wide range of facilities for students looking to relieve anxieties during the assignment period, including various fitness classes and the recently opened functional training suite.

O’neal believes that joining group classes not only keeps you active, but also allows you to socialise and meet with new people, something he says is key to reducing any pressure from exams and assessments.

The fitness timetable at the Salford Sports Centre

Making a “conscious effort” with time management is vital for being able to fit exercise around your studies, O’Neal explained.

“You don’t have to exercise for one, two, three hours a day- work within the recommended guidelines of thirty minutes a day. Make that time to remain active and then once you go back to your studies, you’ll feel refreshed.

 “It also provides a nice release away from the revision that can consume you at this time of year…it’s good to have that break.”

Students can purchase a membership for the sports centre for £19 a month granting access to everything including the swimming pool, squash courts, personal programmes with an instructor and gym rooms, or £13 a month for access to the gym only. However, any form of exercise such as simply walking around your local park, is extremely beneficial during this time of year.

Students can also visit the sports centre reception desk for advice on which membership option would be best.

Listen to O’Neal’s top five tips on tackling exam stress through exercise and healthy living below.

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