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A women’s football team in Irlam is on a recruitment drive for new players to boost their chances of success.

Irlam Vale Ladies FC were reformed this summer and currently play in the Cheshire Women’s Football League due to the location of many of the existing squad.

They are seeking as many new players as possible to join the squad who have played five games this season at the time of writing.

Desperately seeking Susan (and others)

Chairman Gareth Doe (pictured above with midfielder Elizabeth ‘Bub’ Roach) explained that playing ability wasn’t an important factor for any new players, saying: “It doesn’t matter about skill level, you can learn to play football. It’s about getting players who are interested.

The Irlam Vale Ladies pitch, on the grounds of Irlam and Cadishead Leisure Centre.

“It’s about getting commitment from people, once you sign up, you need to be there week in, week out.”

The team train near Irlam Primary School, where Doe also conducts fun football classes for young children, as well as working at another nearby school.

He also stressed the significance of the social element of the team, saying: “We’ve got a lovely bunch of ladies, and I’m hoping this could be the start of something bigger.

“I’ve got a girls team that I’m trying to get built up, and having a ladies team gives them an idea of what to aim for when they get a bit older.”

Slipping through the net

Doe also provided an insight into the process of how girls and women struggle to get into football, but how it is improving.

He said: “There has been a growth (in women’s football) but there is still a shortage of ladies and girls getting involved.

“There’s that stigma of when they get to a certain age they can’t play with the boys anymore and they drop away and don’t really get involved so we’re trying to change that around.

“With the England Ladies team getting so much TV coverage, and becoming probably better than the men at the moment, it’s good to get the word out there and hopefully that’ll start bringing more and more ladies back into football and into coaching.”

This tallies with comments from England Ladies manager Phil Neville, who said last week there would be an ‘explosion’ in women’s football in England should the Lionesses be successful in next summer’s Women’s World Cup.

Doe also praised Manchester United for ‘getting on the bandwagon’ in forming their own women’s team, and described Manchester City Ladies form over the past couple of years as ‘phenomenal’.

If anyone is interested in getting involved with Irlam Vale, Gareth himself is contactable by email at or by mobile at 07944600924.

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