Arriving in 2003, Senior Pastor Paul Lloyd and Vicky Lloyd came to Salford with just some clothes and a few belongings, to continue the work of the international Victory Outreach church.

Victory Outreach Manchester says it has helped young men and women find a place to belong and fulfil their hopes and ambitions for the future.

Vicky Lloyd, who created Victory Outreach church with her husband, Senior Pastor Paul, said: “We started this from pretty much nothing. It’s unique, we have residential homes that run along side the church for drug addicts, alcoholics and people from horrible backgrounds.

“We’ve grown a lot, in our church we now have over 30 nationalities and not only do we have people who have been transformed from drug addiction, we have people who are now dentists, doctors and laywers. We see all forms of life here.

“We work with people who have come from prostitution, crime, drug addiction.”

You can hear more from Vicky Lloyd, and why she’s dedicated to helping people in our community, in the video below:

The success of Victory Outreach Manchester has been brought about through ‘solid Biblical teaching’, an emphasis on relationships, and providing people with opportunities to put into practice what they have learned.

Victory Outreach Manchester has been running a men’s recovery home since 2003 and followed with opening a women’s home in 2011.

Their ministry is able to help rebuild and restore the lives of families and individuals, caught in the cycle of crime, gangs, drug and alcohol addiction.

They offer a 12 months residential programme. The programme includes prayer, bible studies, education classes, life skills training and advice.

Vicky was inspired to help with Victory Outreach Manchester after struggling with drug addiction. She says: “I came into one of the homes 19 years ago when I was a crack and heroin addict.

“I was in and out of prison, I came into one of these homes, on a 12 month programme, and I wasn’t Christian.

“If someone came to me 20 years ago and told me that I was going to be a Pastor’s wife, it would’ve been an absolute joke, but that is what’s happened to me, thanks to these promgrammes.”

As well as the residential programme, Victory Outreach Manchester has many life groups, to help people connect with others, make friends and find out about the bible.

To find a life group near to you, see the map below, which contains all the details for groups in the Salford and Manchester area.

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