Metrolink users have had mixed reviews on the introduction of the new ticket zone system.

The new Metrolink ticket zones came into effect on 13 January 2019. Just over two weeks later, travellers are starting to see how the change has impacted the cost of ticket prices.

People were expecting to save across all journeys, but it seems those who travel within one zone are benefiting from the change the most.

However, Salford Now spoke to a local commuter who travels from Eccles regularly and has been negatively affected by the zonal fares, saying his tickets are now a higher price.

The change in ticket pricing also coincided with an increase in fares at an average of 5.93 per cent which was actioned on 5 January.

Some Metrolink users have taken to social media to express their confusion or satisfaction with the new system.

The previously used stop-to-stop line ticketing system has been replaced with four ticket zones, zone one including stops in the city centre and zone four being the furthest away from it.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TGFM) have promised that the Metrolink will be cheaper and easier to use for commuters, but so far, many commuters haven’t seen a positive change in fares.

Travellers can buy single or day fares for whichever ticket zones they need, along with weekly, monthly and annual travel cards. This means that return tickets are now unavailable to purchase.

Some users also suggested combined bus and Metrolink tickets throughout Manchester.

TGFM hope that the simplified system will encourage people to ditch their cars in favour of the public transport, to reduce congestion and air pollution in the city.

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