Base MCR, a baseball batting bar located in the green quarter in Manchester, celebrated in style last Saturday as they have been in business for two years.

Si Kendal, from Eccles, opened up the bar two years ago.

He held a birthday celebration for the anniversary of the establishment. The party was a huge success and all three cages were fully booked with happy hour on throughout the day, with cages being 50% off.

Mr Kendal wanted to give back to his loyal customer base,

“We wanted to celebrate the fact we are in business for two years and we wanted to give a little bit back to the customers from paying full prices to allowing them to get drinks for as low as £1.50 and really enjoy the day with us.”

Si said they had a DJ on throughout the evening and it really added a great atmosphere to the event.

The popularity of sports themed bars has grown massively, with their being numerous around the city, these give people the option to do more on a night out then just drink. However Base is the only one in Manchester that offers baseball.

With the uniqueness of the bar Mr Kendal said the reason he chose baseball is because he was madly into the sport as a kid and never knew of anywhere that had batting cages in the North West.

He said he wanted to give people more things to do on a night out then just drink,

“Obviously the uptrend with axe throwing at the moment and things like that, it was a marriage between the two really, so it is something to do and something to drink at the same time, so you are going to do something different.”

With the way today’s drinking culture has changed and how local pubs are struggling to survive, Mr Kendal commented on how his business has adapted to the new times,

“Some people come in and don’t even have a drink and just to use the batting cages which is completely fine and that just shows what we are about really.”

He added that he is very happy with the progress of the business so far that he is even considering expanding the business to other locations or moving to one of the busiest and up and coming area’s in Manchester the Northern Quarter.

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When talking about the possibility of opening up in different cities across the North West he said,

“We really want to focus on Manchester and look at maybe moving this area into the Northern Quarter, anything is on the cards, it is just trying to find a different venue with the suitable size for our batting cages. It is still early days, but if that does not happen by the second quarter of next year we will probably be looking at opening up in a different city.”

Mr Kendal is very confident for the year ahead and is looking forward to the possible expansion of the business, information for their cages availability can be found on their website where they can also be booked out for venue hires.


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