Mayor of Salford Paul Dennett and Manchester poet Tony Walsh joined a host of guests for the Living Wage Week 2019 event in Salford as the new living wage rate of £9.30 is announced.

Over 210,000 people working for almost 6,000 real Living Wage Employers throughout the UK will receive an increase in pay as the new Living Wage rates rise nationwide to £9.30 and £10.75 in London.

The event, in partnership with Salford Social Value Alliance and the national Living Wage Foundation, invited various guests from across the city including Mayor of Salford Paul Dennett, Poet Tony Walsh, Sean Ryan MBE, Clare Goff and Chris Dabbs.

Sean Ryan MBE announced the new rate to guests at the event

“A significant step forward. Across the North West there are currently around 584,000 workers earning below the real Living Wage. Today’s announcement coupled with the commitment of our own real Living Wage accredited employers will mean an average salary increase of around £2000 in the pockets of 16,746 workers. A Fantastic start.”

Poet Tony Walsh performed a heart-felt poem to guests at the event, relaying his own experiences of poverty

“Poverty is Depressing. Demotivating and dehumanising. It’s degradation, desperation and despair”

Businesses and civic leaders in Salford have announced ambitious plans to become the first Living Wage city in England, committing to more than double the number of local workers getting the rate.

A full-time worker paid the real Living Wage will receive more than £2,000 in additional wages compared to current Government minimum – equivalent to 9 months of a typical family’s food and drink bill. In London a full time worker will receive £5,000 more per year, equivalent to an average family’s annual food, drink, gas and electric bills.

The Living Wage rates are the only rates independently calculated based on what people need to live on.

Harriet Forgan, a Living Wage employee in Salford, has already reaped the benefits of the previous £9 rate and encourages employers to join the movement

“I hope that more people will benefit from the Living Wage and perhaps more people will give actors like me a chance of a proper contract and not struggle on 0 hours”

“The Living Wage improves productivity and well-being and makes people like me feel valued and appreciated”

Organisations in Salford will join a network of almost 6,000 employers across the UK, including more than a third of the FTSE 100 companies, as well as thousands of small businesses, who are choosing to pay the real Living Wage that meets the real cost of living.


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