The Eagle Inn in Salford saw Wives make their Salford live gig debut last week. The band performed multiple different tracks exclusively from their newly released album ‘So removed’ which debuted on October 4th earlier this year. The four-piece began as friends before deciding to start playing music together. They are currently travelling on a massive tour hitting places in the UK, France and Austria. I caught up with the band ahead of their first gig in Salford to find out a bit more about them.

Wives live in salford
Wives chatted to me ahead of their gig.

Fresh out of soundcheck at the Eagle Inn Salford, the band took some time to sit down and chat to me about their recent album and an upcoming tour in the busy pub. Talking to the band, they expressed that they’re incredibly excited to be on tour! In particular, they’re excited to play shows in places like Amsterdam and Paris. Wives also talked to me about how the album name ‘So Removed’ came into play. Lead singer Jay explained that the album title was chosen (a line from a track called ‘waiting for nirvana’)  “to give a sense of alienation.”

Listen to the full interview below!

The album released in October is rock-based with hints of some indie and metal. Some personal favourites from us are the track servants, rock-based with a jumpy chorus and a funky baseline it provides a cool track, with the demographic-based towards people in their late teens and adults. The band released upbeat rock track ‘Hit Me Up’ on August 6th 2019. The band describe the track on facebook as a song “written from the point of view of a New Yorker who can’t let go. His everyday reality does not jibe with what is going on in his head, and he’s holding onto a past that never existed in the first place:”

Check out the video for ‘Hit Me Up’ below!

Wives live in Salford saw a performance of the single ‘Hit me up’ their last song of the night. Here’s a short clip from later on in the show.

You can access the album here: Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music.

Get tickets to the rest of the tour via Wives’ website: here.



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