Friends of 15 years have bought and refurbished Boothstown’s Greyhound pub, after a £750,000 revamp transforming the pub into a new and exciting place with its own gin distillery.

The Coal & Cotton, in Boothstown, exterior.
Copyright: Zoe Bott

This Boothstown boozer opened to the public last weekend under the new name Coal & Cotton, in recognition of the local area’s history.

It’s been opened by friends Jason Green and David Salmon, Green & Salmon, who have partnered with Star Pubs & Bars, in order to fulfil their dreams.

Worsley local Jason Green, co-owner of Coal & Cotton, said: “I lived around here for 15 years, and for me, my wife and my family there is nowhere to go in terms of this type of thing.

“You either got real value led pubs, which is kind of three meals for a quid. Or you got a couple of nice restaurants which can be kind of a little bit more formal, more celebratory, not relaxed.

Relaxed atmosphere inside Coal & Cotton.
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“So, we’ve tried to create something which is really good quality, really fresh quality food at affordable prices, yet still relaxed surroundings.”

Passionate about what he has created alongside his friend and business partner, Green went on to joke; “The business plan for our others are about 70-80 pages long, this one its just two lines.

“Somewhere for Jason and his wife to go. As there’s lots of people like me with children and there’s nowhere to go simple as that.”

Coal & Cotton offers an extensive menu with a variety of options as well as modern cocktails and serves it’s very own Boothstown Gin, a company created by Green & Salmon.

The friends were originally going to open a gin distillery in Worsley.

But as plans fell through, the stars aligned, and they bought what used to be The Greyhound, just outside Worsley in Boothstown.

Jason Green explains: “We were so close to doing a deal in Worsley had all the designs done, had all the evaluation done on the building, but fell through last minute.

“The idea there was let have this gin distillery and it was going to be called Worsley gin. We never trademark it and then literally 6-7 months later up pops Worsley Gin.

Gin Distillery inside Boothstown pub
Copyright: Zoe Bott

“But actually, as it’s worked out, this worked out even better with the Boothstown Gin, with the heritage of Joseph Evans.”

Joseph Evans was a Boothstown local doctor in the 18th century and was a part of the botanist society with several doctors across the UK.

They would gather together and drink in local pubs, for Joseph Evans his local pub was in Boothstown.

Green explains: “They made their own medicines which is gin, as gin was a medicine. And he used to use gooseberries in his gin, so our gin is influenced by gooseberries.”

Jason Green as a local took inspiration from the areas’ history and talked about how before Joseph Evans was a botanical doctor, he used to work in a cotton mill in the area.

He said: “Obviously, the coal and the cotton reference to the local area as there was a lot of cotton mills and coal mines in this area.

“So, the links just work, and everything happen for a reason.”

The duo are excited about their new venture and overwhelmed by the support they have received.

“We’ve had an unbelievable reception, absolutely amazing. Just look at social media, you can see the engagement on there, everyone is crying out for it.”

Co-owner David Salmon said: “Last night for me, not being local, just talking to all the locals and community, everyone is just saying how fantastic it is.

“How this area has been crying out for something like this. It’s absolutely incredible.”

Green also commented on the local areas’ response: “Everyone saying the same we’ve been crying out for this for 15-20 years, there’s nowhere to go.”

The newly opened Coal & Cotton in Boothstown, Worsley welcomes families and well-behaved dogs, serving food until 9.30pm, offering a buzzing but relaxed environment for everyone to enjoy.

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