Salford Youth Alliance is running the Christmas Fair at Clarendon Leisure Centre on Saturday December 7.

More than 23 Salford Youth Alliance volunteers have taken on organising the event and have put a considerable amount of time into planning it.

 This Christmas event has been held at Clarendon for over ten years, with this year being the first year the Youth Alliance have taken a lead in the planning aspect.

Aims of the fair are to give something back to the community and provide a fun experience for children in the area.

The fair will feature an array of stalls and also a range of activities such as Santa’s Grotto, a gingerbread making session, and a bouncy castle to name a few, with full details below.

Youth Alliance Fair Flyer- Credit Salford Youth Alliance.

Stephen Gordon, Volunteer Development Officer at Salford Youth Alliance, has high hopes for the success of the fair and what it will give to the Salford community.

“We hope lots of the local community attends the event, that they have something to look forward to.

“It would be nice for all of the volunteers to showcase what they have been working on… some of the games, some of the things they’re interested in and see how they perform at the event when they have to deal with young people and adults across the community.”

Salford Youth Alliance was created with many key local partners to engage young people in local areas to participate in relevant activities.

The Salford Youth project teaches youths important skills and presents them with opportunities that improves their chance of finding work in the future.

Stephen Gordon believes the Alliance is incredibly important for youths due to how they can use their skills and “apply them to work to work situations” to become “proactive in their communities and being confident in themselves”

Mr Gordon went on to say that it’s good to “keep them (youths) engaged so they don’t have the same reputation that other young people have.”

More than 130 volunteers have signed up to the Youth Alliance in a variety of roles such as Lifeguard, Sports Coach, Events Management, Youth Workers, Construction and Admin/Digital Ambassadors.

Additionally the Alliance has recently supported some of its members in  three apply for and gain apprenticeships, one of which now works directly for them.

To volunteer for Salford Youth Alliance, fill in a form on the website at 



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