Monton Cricket Club have announced that eight volunteers have signed up to complete their level 1 training in March 2020.

The cricket team is apart of the Monton sports club, which already has 50 volunteers for the 300 kids they have involved with the club.

Chris Brown, who is apart of the Cricket Clubs committee, spoke about the importance of volunteers to the club and how they help the growth of the club and the junior sides,

“Those 8 volunteers add to the 40 we have already got because we do 5 sports at the club. For cricket we had 8 junior teams last year, they had two managers per team there so that’s 16 coaches.

“We are knocking on 50 volunteers to just run the kids sports.”

Chris spoke about how important it is to have the right people volunteering so the kids can get the best out of the club and the whole experience.

“We want to give them the best opportunity we can and we want to be the best club that we can, therefore the volunteers are absolutely critical to that we can’t do it without them.”

The club has achieved some markets of success in their junior set up through the years, with having numerous players represent Lancashire.

Monton Cricket club has had more kids playing for the Salford district junior teams than any other club at a great number of 15. 

Their own junior cricket teams won the Greater Manchester League at u11s and u13s, their u15s also finishing second. This was the first time in the clubs history that they had topped these leagues.

The club has been growing and growing over the past 5 years and has even added a girl’s cricket team recently.

Chris said it is the clubs end goal to get their juniors into the senior side in the future,

“Our next challenge is to get these juniors into the senior side. We want to organically grow our juniors to feed our senior teams, it’s about giving the kids the opportunity to play sports.”

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