Creative writing workshops used poetry, prose and plays to celebrate LGBT+ history month in Salford.

The sessions on February 12 and 19 at the University of Salford used the theme to help members of the LGBT community share their experiences in a creative way.

The free workshops were led by Salford graduate and performance poet Ella Otomewo, who happily welcomed anyone and everyone who wished to attend.

She said: “I was asked by the LGBT officer at Salford to come back and do this workshop. I studied at Salford a couple of years ago so it felt really special to be able to come back to my university.

“Obviously as a queer woman and as a writer, I felt like that was something I could really give back to the university, and I really love that sort of thing.

“I think because creative writing is so open and it can be anything, it’s a really great way for people to express themselves in quite a relaxed setting.

“Especially in LGBT history month, it’s good to be thinking about community and about history and about self expression.”

Members of the community of all ages, genders and sexual orientations attended the workshop. They expressed their stories and feelings through their writing and poetry.

Ella added: “For me, creative writing, poetry and performance has really given me so much confidence in myself and my belief.

“It made me realise that I do have something to say, that it’s important and other people should listen to me. So much of poetry is just sharing with people and sharing stories so I think it’s a lot about sharing with each other and listening to each other.

“Poetry is such a great way to listen to experiences that you didn’t know anything about, people will often share really personal truths that they would maybe be afraid to do in an everyday conversation. I think poetry is so important and I feel so happy to be a part of that community and be part of the queer community.”

Listen to her talk about why these workshops meant so much to her:

There are many other events going on around the main campus to celebrate the last few days of this LGBT+ history month which are open to the public as well as students.

More information is available from University of Salford Students’ Union.


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