Manchester City face Aston Villa in the Carabao Cup final on Sunday – and one Salford bakery is playing their part in showing their support for the Blues!

The Worsley Bakehouse, based near Worsley Old Hall, Salford, has been baking their City encrusted cupcakes, fittingly named ‘League Cup Cakes’, for those wanting a treat before or after the game either at Wembley or elsewhere.

Emma White may be a personal trainer on a part-time basis, but in her spare time, she has acted on her passion for baking cakes, which she jokes is “a bit of conflict of interests.”

The business was started last year but after being so occupied she halted the project. Earlier this year though, she felt “I’ll give it another go, do a few refresher courses and get back into it.”

She added: “I just wanted to maybe do something I could do at home but still bring in a wage as well and do something that I love doing.”

Despite restarting just a couple of months back, Emma was swamped with orders for Valentine’s Day.

“I’ve never been so been in all of my life! I didn’t actually finish baking until 10.30 pm and I starting again at 6 am with orders so it was crazy!”

Things have calmed down a little now, but with the Carabao Cup final just days away given that her husband, David White, is a former City player, they felt they could do their part in backing City.

Emma continued: “He suggested maybe doing a post on the League Cup final and doing some City cupcakes. People are going to take them with them to the game or they’re having drinks at their house.

“We’ve been inundated with orders, to be honest, which is great!

“We have had other orders from other teams, but it’s predominantly all City.

“We do try and cover other teams as well, as not everybody supports the same team. We have to cater for everybody, I can’t be prejudiced, can I?”, she laughed.

“It would be wrong of me as a business to turn that down but our love is with City first and foremost.”

City fans can show their support for the bakery and for their side by picking up some of Emma’s creations with all orders needed by Thursday 27 February.

Emma finally jested: “My love is for cakes, he’s [David] got a love for his team, well he’s got a love for both, to be honest!”

Orders can be made on Facebook through David, or on Instagram and email through The Worsley Bakehouse.

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