After attending his first festival almost six years ago, a Salford lad realised that DJing was a career he wanted to pursue.

Morgan Seatree, 20, from Salford, was inspired after going to the popular Manchester festival, Parklife, in 2014.

“After experiencing first hand the music live and the way it made me feel I just got hooked on it and wanted to be that person on that stage..

“I would love to be an artist that is recognised worldwide and play music that I love to crowds all over,” said the 20-year-old.

Mr. Seatree, who is 21 tomorrow, specialises in house, techno and “everything inbetween”, and highlighted the importance that YouTube had on kick-starting him into the industry.

“Nowadays YouTube is your best friend.

“The Christmas after that Parklife i got a cheap pair of decks and some speakers then just learnt how to beatmatch on YouTube.

“From there I started to learn more advanced stuff just by practice”.

And for anyone in Salford that is interested in getting involved in the industry, Morgan Seatree mentioned one place that he would recommend to DJ enthusiasts.

“It’s called Pirate Studios, you can hire it per hour and it’s open 24 hours.

“It has a full industry club standard setup so is great if you want to practice on the proper kit without investing into it”.

Pirate Studios has a number of facilities across the country, with one located at Salford Quays, 5, Sovereign Enterprise Park, Manchester M50 3UP.

A few years into his DJ journey, Mr. Seatree’s following on social media has increased massively, with his Instagram page currently totalling to a following of just under 18 thousand.

“For me social media is vital to what I do. It’s a way I can broadcast my stuff and my journey to a global audience and gain connections within the industry”, said Mr. Seatree.

Apart from his music, the Salford DJ also uses his social media platforms to publicise event nights, performing across the country in well-known clubs such as Manchester’s Gorilla, The Steel Yard Nightclub, London, and Newcastle’s Cosmic Ballroom.

And he has had some great turn-outs, highlighting the network of people around him that have backed him from the off.

“I’ve had the support from my friends and family since day one and I’m managed by an agency called ‘motion artist‘.

“They’ve helped me massively by connecting with record labels when I make music and sending tracks to the right people.

“It’s good to have the right people giving the right advice”.

Mr. Seatree also revealed that he has received some praise from a big name in the industry, British DJ Richy Ahmed, who has performed across the world and at Parklife, the festival that Morgan Seatree fell in love with DJing.

“In terms of people I’d love to work with it would be a dream to work with Richy Ahmed.

“I’ve been lucky enough for him to support my music live so to either play with him or make some music with him that would be unreal”

And the 20-year-old stressed the importance of making your own music if you want to progress seriously as a DJ.

“I realised quickly to make a career out of it I would need to start making music.

“So learning the specifics on making my own stuff and also engineering music was challenging”.

Alongside continuing to make his own music, the DJ is focusing on promoting his new event brand which launched earlier this month at South nightclub in Manchester.

“Plans for this year are to build on my new events brand, Adâncime, which I’m doing with my two friends”.

After the first event was such a success, Mr. Seatree and his friends will be holding another night in May, with more details coming at the end of this month.

For now, you can keep up with what Morgan Seatree is up to on his Facebook and Instagram pages, and his music is available to listen to on Soundcloud.

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