Not Quite Light Festival is returning to Salford at the end of the month.

The festival will take place from March 26th to 29th all around the city, with 2020’s theme being connections.

Curated by Salford artist Simon Buckley, Not Quite Light will make it’s fourth appearance to the city.

This year the festival hub will be the New Bailey with other locations including Chapel Street and The University of Salford.

There will be 19 events taking place such as food events, exhibitions, guided walks, performances and many more.

One of the many events taking place is The Two Shot Podcast.

On Saturday 28th, host Craig Parkinson will be joined by Jennie McAlpine and Noreen Kershaw.

Not Quite Light Festival was inspired by Angel Meadow in Manchester.

This is where 40,000 people are buried beneath the grassed surface.

On the festival’s website it talks about this saying, “It’s where Marx and Engels did their research into the impoverished lives of the working classes.

“From the glassed new CIS building just across the road, I watched a steady glow fall onto the gravestones of St. Michael’s Flags in the park below.

This caused a simple question to form in my mind: “If this light could magically bring these souls back to life, what would they make of their city today?”.”

Not Quite Light are asking for volunteers to help them with the festival.

This will be the first time that they have ever asked for volunteers.

They state that, “All our volunteers will act as representatives and advocates of the festival, working as ‘the face’ of the festival to the general public and visitors to our events.

“We want to enhance our attendees experience at Not Quite Light Festival and shout about all the amazing things that Salford has to offer.”

You can find out more about this here.

Get your tickets here.

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