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A Salford schoolgirl is using her one hour of daily exercise to clean up the town AND raise money for the NHS.

Big-hearted Jasmine Rose, 12, from Ordsall, was inspired by Captain Tom Moore’s recent fundraising walk for the NHS.

She decided to do her own good deed by picking up litter around Salford during her daily walkabout, with the aim of eventually picking up 50,000 pieces.

Jasmine told Salford Now: “When I was at school I kept noticing the rubbish. And now because the council are furloughing, there is even more rubbish because they can’t pick it up.”

The Oasis Academy pupil is now urging others to follow in her footsteps and help clean Salford’s streets of litter whilst exercising.

She said: “I hope other people do what I’m doing. Instead of just staying at home you can go outside and do your daily exercise and also pick up rubbish.”

Jasmine is determined to get more people involved in her idea and has left homemade posters in all the locations where she has collected Salford litter with her family as a reminder for people to be eco-conscious.

cc: Gary Rose via WhatsApp
cc: Gary Rose

And the determined schoolgirl is also combining the clean-up with a fitness campaign, too!

Jasmine’s father, Gary Rose, explained: “Jasmine said to me, when she’s out doing her exercise, every time she picks up a piece of rubbish, she will do a lunge, press-up or sit-up. I thought that’s really amazing for a child to think about that.

“I sat down with her mum and we are very supportive as long as she’s wearing her protective gloves and mask while she’s doing her exercise and picking litter up.”

Jasmine is now not only doing the litter picking but has also set up a JustGiving page to raise money for the NHS.

She’s hoping that people inspired by her good deeds will dig deep and give money direct to frontline staff.

A positive reception from around Salford

cc: Gary Rose

She has received plaudits from around the city including her school teachers and sports stars.

Oasis Academy headteacher Marie Dillon, wrote to Jasmine praising her work.

She said: “I am incredibly proud this morning to hear about your fantastic fundraising you are doing during lockdown.

“It is great to see you using your time thinking of others and it shows what a wonderful compassionate lady you are.

“I wanted to write to let you know how proud we are of you as a school.”

Manchester United footballer and Salford-local, Angel Gomes, praised Jasmine’s idea and shared it on Twitter.

Jamie Moore, the former super welterweight titleholder from Salford, also shared the page on Twitter.

If you would like to donate to Jasmine’s page, you can follow this link.

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