Salford University

Thousands of young people from across the country are heading to Salford to start university amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Teaching at the University of Salford does not start until next week (September 28) but students are now arriving in the city to set up home and get used to their new independence.

University’s across the North have vowed to keep any potential outbreaks in check, as the 20-29 age group has seen the biggest increases in covid infections recently.

The Government announced yesterday that all bars and restaurants must close by 10pm in order to curb a recent spike in infections.

Eleven new first years on the BA Journalism programme reveal their thoughts as they get ready for student life. Click the link in each quote to see the students’ full article:



Heba Abu Hamideh“Some students get bothered by all the rules but I keep reminding myself these rules are there to keep myself safe and healthy and to keep everyone safe.”






Amelia Aziz “My enthusiasm for the media and journalism has made me ever-so-more determined to become an asset to the university.”




Salford University




Ebony Bailey – “Moving and socialising with new people can most definitely be frightening.”







Joe Hatton – “We now seem to be on the brink of another lockdown and I can’t help but think about how my student experience will suffer from this.”







Lydia Houghton – “I find myself starting university with determination, to focus on what I do have rather than what I don’t have.”






Thomas Jenkins – “A potential struggle I think many students will be able to relate to is the fear of getting back up to speed with work.”






Colleen Lamb – “The end of my high-school career was saddening but university has offered me a bright and wonderful flip side to what was a disheartening period and I still believe that these next three years will be my best so far.”








Jess Mason – “Nightlife and interaction were a large attraction to university life. However, I have found that there are still a variety of ways to have fun.”



Salford University




Caoimhe Scholes – “Moving from a small town surrounded by fields and mountains to a city full of busy people and high-rise buildings is daunting. You suddenly feel very small, minuscule.”






Faye Seager – “The feelings of fear and anticipation I have now, will hopefully subside when I settle into a routine and adjust to the new normal.”



Salford University




Kyle Somerville – “Even with the world around me changing all the time the prospect of starting my learning journey with the University of Salford is proving to be enticing, thrilling even.”



Salford, along with most of Greater Manchester, is currently under lockdown restrictions.

As going round to other’s houses is currently banned, student halls are subject to strict rules, such as ensuring that the ‘rule of six’ will be kept to.

At the time of writing, Salford has 2,614 confirmed cases of Covid-19.

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