John Cooper Clarke stands to the right side of the picture, a white handkerchief poking out of his suit jacket pocket. He is wearing dark rimmed glasses and has jet black messy hair. I Wanna Be Yours

A memoir ‘I Wanna Be Yours’ written by punk poet John Cooper Clarke is set for release on October 15th 2020.

The Bard of Salford is back with another collection, but this time it isn’t filled with rapid-fire renditions of poetry.

Instead, I Wanna Be Yours, named after one of his poems, is a memoir set to take us through the life of the punk poet and his long, captivating career, from the streets of Salford and beyond

The memoir will be published by Pan Macmillan on October 15th. They are previously credited with publishing Clarke’s 2018 collection, The Luckiest Man Alive.

John Cooper Clarke sits in an old wooden chair, dressed in his trademark black suit, white shirt, along with dark rimmed glasses and his dark messed up hair leading to one of his many nicknames, Johnny Clarke, the name behind the hairstyle.
The Bard of Salford himself Dr. John Cooper Clarke.
Credit: Sonic PR

With a career that’s spanned over 50 years, Dr. Clarke has plenty of stories to tell from his rise during the punk era to his current minimalist lifestyle.

Alongside stories of his time performing, I Wanna Be Yours is set to let us know about the man behind that haircut.

You’ll get to know his thoughts on pop culture from across the centuries including topics like:

  • Pop art
  • Pop music
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Film
  • Football
  • Showbusiness
  • and so much more.

For those who are a fan of John Cooper Clarke for his sick sense of humour the memoir isn’t completely serious, offering plenty of laughs along the way.

Whether you’re a life long fan of the punk poet or hearing about him for the first time, I Wanna Be Yours might be something to put on your wish list.

A launch event for I Wanna Be Yours will take place digitally on October 15th complete with a series of special guests and an audience Q&A.

I Wanna Be Yours is set to be released on October 15 and is available as a hardback, ebook or audiobook.

To pre-order your copy from Pan Macmillan click here.

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