The University of Salford Men’s Rugby Union are collecting donations for their fundraiser this month to put towards Movember.

The student union group are aiming to raise £1,350 over the course of the month and have so far raised over £100.

The coordinator for Movember in the rugby union, Will Hutchinson, said: “Movember is a time in the year where we really shine a light on issues that sometimes go unnoticed.

“Each member of the rugby team knows of someone that has struggled with mental health as well as some players having loved ones that have gone through testicular and prostate cancer.”

Movember is a charity that raises money to battle the leading killers of men, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and suicide.

Men grow their moustaches out for the whole month and collect or donate to the charity at the end of it.

Hutchinson continued: “Growing a moustache is a way of saying we know it’s not always great but maybe we can do a little bit to make it better.”

With the worldwide pandemic creating an influx of people that must now work from home, many have been able to work in pyjamas with overgrown barnets and unkempt facial hair.

If you happen to be one of those people, why not put that moustache to good use and join the Movember cause?

With each passing Movember, the stigma surrounding men’s mental and physical health issues gets that little bit smaller.

Hutchinson said: : “For anyone, talking to people about problems is uncomfortable, but men tend to bury it deep down and let it build up. We want guys to know it’s okay to say something.”

You can donate to their JustGiving fundraiser here.

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