Salford Volunteer Rangers are selling handmade wooden owls in time for Christmas with proceeds going towards keeping the region’s green spaces clean and tidy.

The Rangers, who are responsible for maintaining green spaces in Salford, have designed wooden owls which are available to buy from Clifton Country Park Cafe for £10 each.

The ornaments are suitable for both indoors or outdoors.

The group says the owls would make great Christmas gifts.

“They make fantastic ornaments for people whether that be indoor or outdoor, but with Christmas just around the corner, this could be seen as a perfect gift for an owl/nature lover,” commented the group on Instagram.

“These are handmade by the SVR’s and Ranger Team and all the proceeds go towards the Ranger Team, to help their fantastic work they continue to do for our green spaces.”

Salford Volunteer Rangers (SVR) is a voluntary run group who aid the Salford Rangers in assisting conservation tasks throughout sites in Salford.

Their work also allows the wildlife stationed there to have a better chance at sustaining a happy life.

Recent work they have completed was at Worsley Woods.

The group commented: “The aim of the session was to cut back certain vegetation which was overhanging the path, or showing to be a potential trip hazard (Mainly Bramble), which would make the path more accessible for people to enjoy this green space.”

The most recent post describes clearing ivy at Kersal Woods.

“Yesterday a session was held at Kersal Dale to yet again improve the paths at one of our local nature spaces.

“This time the culprit was ivy. As this is a fast growing ground-growing woody plant it needs to be dealt every so often as it can cause havoc among our paths.

“The Ranger Joe led this session with 5️⃣ other people also joining to help the Ranger Team maintain this particular path.

“Once again, Thank You to all the hard working fellows who joined to help maintain Kersal Dale. Without volunteers, the conservation efforts to maintain our green spaces would severely struggle. Help is always appreciated.

“Love where you live and love your wildlife.”

This map highlights some key green spaces to go to in Salford.

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  1. I’d love to know the sizes/prices of the wooden owls which are for sale.

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