Doodle Around an artist business created by Meryl Lydiate, from Worsley, is still managing to survive and keep going during the pandemic due to the kindness of locals.

Meryl Lydiate started the business after taking up drawing in 2015.

“I never did anything creative at all at home. I didn’t have it as a hobby to distract me when times get a little too stressful. Until one rainy Easter, must have been 2015. Nothing to do and nowhere to go, so I got my pens and paints out.

“I do love local history a lot and I do love houses a lot, so started experimenting. From that day, Doodle Around was born, albeit it didn’t have a name yet.”

Doodles by Meryl Lydiate.
cc: Doodle Around/Meryl Lydiate

Lydiate who lives in Worsley and both of her parents were born in Salford has gone on to draw many of the houses in her local area and selling them to locals.

During the pandemic Meryl Lydiate continued her business and unlike other businesses that have struggled, Lydiate has been surprised by people’s generosity.

“People have been so kind to others, ordering doodles for friends/family/bosses and themselves. So it has been very pleasantly amazing so far. It gave me the confidence and time to follow up on opportunities now, so I love it and am optimistic for the future.”

The artistic sector has been a talking point after many were offended by some saying that individuals in sector may need to retrain.

Many are calling on the Government to do more to help them to stay within the sector.

When speaking on the current situation with the art sector Lydiate said: “It’s one of those stereotypes & assumptions, mine included, that those in the arts industry are mostly ‘tree hugger’ types without a commercial bone in their bodies.

“I appreciate that artists can hardly be classed as key-workers and are only essential in respect to mental health.”

Lydiate has hope that the arts industry will survive this and will return.

“The arts industry will come back. Maybe just a little after the rest, when all of this whole mess gets fixed and bandaged up.”

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  1. My name is Meryl – please don’t call me just Lydiate. I’m always Meryl. Ha
    A designer all my career but happy to be an artist now.

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