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A Salford dog expert is providing free online training sessions during the UK’s four-week lockdown.

Quay to Success Dog Training founder Kirsty Walker will be hosting online sessions via Zoom on Monday evenings from 7pm.

The sessions involve free dog training advice and conversation with Kirsty, who has been a qualified dog trainer since 2018. The aim of the sessions is to bring people together, while also helping owners train their dogs.

Quay to Success Dog Training will also host skill sessions during lockdown. This is in association with the UK Lockdown skills exchange.

Kirsty said: “I’m running a free online Canine to Five Class which starts on Thursday 12th November at 6pm via Facebook.

“It’s a really nice, fun, positive class to give everyone a bit of escapism from what is going on right now and to learn some new skills with their dog.

“You can come along with your dog, have a laugh and chat with other dog owners.”

The sessions aren’t just for Salford residents.

Quay to Success Dog Training currently has international clients from America, Greece, and Australia within the group.

Training within the home has a positive effect on dogs and owners alike. Kirsty said: “It’s great for your dog as they are in a familiar environment, so can learn more effectively.

She said: “It’s great for owners of reactive dogs who couldn’t have previously attended classes if their dog was worried by other dogs or people.”

The training is ideal for owners of puppies because they are able to begin training at home before getting vaccinated.

The sessions are recorded, so they fit around a busy lifestyle.

If a class is missed, it can be easily caught up.

Kirsty said: “All relevant dog training occurs in your home or when out on walks, not in a dog training class. Your dog will be learning in a real-life situation and you’ll see better results.”

Kirsty Walker. Copyright: Kirsty Walker 2020

To sign up, see the links below.

Coffee with Kirsty will be via Zoom every Monday evening at 7pm.

Canine to Five Class will take place via Facebook Rooms on Thursday November 12 at 6pm.

Or to contact Kirsty directly, email:

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