Salford university lockdown

In a recent social media poll, 64.9% of people believe that universities should close during this second lockdown.

Currently, universities and schools are still open amidst lockdown, causing dividing opinions across Salford.

The University of Salford have chosen a mixed teaching approach with online and face-to-face teaching.

University of Salford Student Union. Image credit: Ellie Gifford.

The number of current students who have received a positive test at Salford University currently stands at 553, with Salford university pressing on through lockdown.

Salford university halls are under lockdown.

Abi Rodgers, a first year student, expressed her opinion: “Its a hard one, I understand the reasons why it should close, but for myself and my practical course, I would want uni to stay open and to experience the full uni experience.

“This is my first year living away from home and I feel like I’m missing out. For me, I would prefer it to stay open”.

However, our recently conducted poll shows that the majority of people would prefer universities to close.

One student stated: “The rate of Covid went up when educational places opened up. This lockdown won’t do anything.”

Another student said: “It feels like all the sacrifice, loss of businesses and social life will be for nothing if they stay open.”

Another added: “If I can see hundreds of people each day, why can’t I see my boyfriend who I’ve previously lived with?”

With the lockdown due to end on Wednesday 2 December, and the news of a vaccine on its way, will universities stay open despite the majority wanting them to close?

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