With many local businesses struggling to stay afloat during lockdown, Brew-Tang café, opened only three weeks before the first lockdown, is managing to adjust to the restrictions and stay successful with their takeaway options.

Before the lockdown limited the plans for the hip-hop themed coffee shop, the original idea was to host events to support local artists, and even international artists, as their capacity can hold up to 100 people. However, these events will be rescheduled once the restrictions have been relaxed.

The owner of Brew-Tang coffee shop, Aiden Dewhirst, said: “I’ve always been into hip-hop, and I’ve always wanted my own hip-hop joint just somewhere where I can host events with local artists and bring communities together.”

The main change Mr Dewhirst has had to make due to the implications of COVID was to stop stocking from local bakeries and to make homemade treats instead. Initially it was his intention to support other local small businesses. Nevertheless, the variety of homemade cookies, brownies, and cakes look delicious as he has turned to home baking to accompany your takeaway coffee. Aiden’s favourite order for himself is a flat white and a Kinder Bueno cookie!

As well as being able to order takeaway coffees and tasty treats, you can order their Killa Beanz and Brew-Tang Mugz.

Your opportunity to support Brew-Tang during these uncertain times can be made Monday to Thursday 10am-2pm and Saturdays 10am – 4pm at 220 Chapel Street in Salford. Keep updated by following their Facebook Page and Instagram.

Listen to the interview with Aiden here:

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  1. Hi, what is the fourth framed album along, on the front of the counter?

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