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The Working Class Movement Library has been hosting online Zoom meetings to help educate locals about history and politics, with their final talk set for December 9th.

In a series on ‘Invisible Histories’, the Library has invited different speakers to host talks covering a multitude of different topics. Most recently, Natasha Periyan and Clara Jones covered the topic of ‘Labour women’, historical insight into the position of women in society.

The talk was engaging, opening with Ms Periyan drawing from resources people used to suggest the women were less intelligent than men and lacked the same intellectual capacity.

The primary focus was on the dire but realistic descriptions of what it was like to be a woman 100 years ago, showing just how long women’s rights have been fought for.

‘Invisible Histories’ also took the time to focus on Vera Brittain’s life experience growing up in these conditions and challenging them constantly.

Ms Jones discussed the implications of being a “Labour woman” over different time periods and how the phrase has evolved over time.

Participants were then allowed to ask the speakers questions about their specific topics to gain a better understanding. The floor was open to discussion for a further hour to ensure all questions were answered.

The final talk, which focuses on the history of political satire and cartoons, takes place on December 9. You can find more information here.

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