With Christmas just around the corner, why not make an impact by giving socks to someone homeless this year.

Stand 4 Socks donates one pair of socks for every pair purchased on their site. Whether you choose one of their colourful designs, the office-proof combo, or their new City Skyline socks, for each pair bought, a pair is directly donated to a homeless person in the customer’s city.

Stand 4 Socks is currently working with Salford Loaves and Fishes, Erasmus Salford and Caritas Diocese of Salford to give back to our community, with every purchase of the Salford Skyline socks.

Salford Skyline design – Stand 4 Socks

Started five years ago in the heart of Manchester by Josh Turner, the company now stocks around 90 different designs, including 31 pairs of city skyline socks. Since the start of Stand 4 Socks, they have managed to donate over 120,000 pairs of socks nationally and 1,000 pairs of socks in Salford alone.

“It all started with this crazy, off the cuff comment of – imagine if socks could change the world?” says Josh, Stand 4 Socks founder.

“We use socks as an expression of what we stand for and what we care about, by changing an everyday item into something that can be quite meaningful and impactful.”

Whilst the customer gets a fun pair of fashion socks, these socks aren’t always suitable for the people on the receiving end of donations. Josh and his team have designed a more suitable alternative – a versatile, thick, antibacterial pair of socks which are more durable.

“The reason why we donate socks is because socks are the most requested item by homeless shelters. Socks are a wear through item, so they’re very rarely donated, unlike money or coats.”

“The average homeless person in the UK walks as much as 10 miles per day, and without the luxury of fresh, clean socks can lead to a number of very serious foot health issues,” says Josh.


Antibacterial socks for the homeless – Stand 4 Socks

Instead of becoming a registered charity, Josh decided to make the company a social enterprise. He realised that it was more sustainable to link the selling of a sock to fund the donating of a sock. Josh’ prospects for the company in the new year include creating jobs for homeless people and those at risk of homelessness in 2021.

“I think this year is showing us we should support small businesses and think more about where we shop, rather than supporting big organisations like amazon. We should support local organisations, with gifts that give back”

“Our socks are ethically made and make a social impact so I think, thinking more consciously about how and where we shop is going to lead to the greatest change in terms of changing how businesses make items, support the environment and people in the communities.”

Get your hands on a pair at Stand 4 Socks !




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