Since last April, residents of Irlam and Cadishead who were frustrated at how their area had visually deteriorated in recent years have been participating in a cleanup mission to combat the issue.

Simon Smith and Debbie Parker are admins of the page where cleanups are organised. Simon said: “During lockdown, myself, my partner, and our two boys decided to just tidy our street and surrounding area.”

Bags of rubbish collected by the litter pickers
Photo Credit: Simon Smith (used with permission)

“I was then approached by Debbie to use the page as a message/information board for the whole community as people were doing their bit here and there. This then caused the whole community to join forces and tidy up the area and highlight ‘Grot Spots’ as we call them.”

There has been a huge community response: “We don’t encourage anyone to join, they just want to make a difference, so this wouldn’t be possible without the community volunteering their own time to help out.” Families have been turning up within their bubbles to participate in socially distanced clean-ups.

As with other litter-picking initiatives that have been set up during lockdown, people bring their own litter pickers, although they can be provided if required thanks to some being supplied by the council along with litter bags.

“There has to be a massive thank you to all those volunteers, businesses, schools, and groups supporting this whole thing, without them the litter would still be there.”

Bagged up rubbish collected by the litter pickers
Photo Credit: Lewis Nelson (used with permission)

“The Irlam and Cadishead Community Clean up wouldn’t be anything without them, so to all those involved: a big thank you!”

A socially distanced clean-up event is to be held on Saturday, March 13th targeting the litter on Excalibur Way and parts of Cadishead Way.

To become one of the litter pickers and participate in these cleanup events, including one this Saturday, join the Facebook group for further information and updates.

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  1. Joan parker

    Fantastic results well done Irlam and Cadishead your putting the country to shame setting a brilliant example there nothing worse than seeing litter everywhere spoiling our lovely street roads and country side let’s hope your efforts and pride become infectious to the few that always spoil it for the many 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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