Amid the easing of lockdown restrictions earlier this week, U-First Fitness has welcomed its members back to group outdoor training sessions, eager to kickstart the conversation on the importance of improving both physical and mental health post lockdown.

U-First Fitness Society, based in Salford’s Buille Hill Park, aims to make group training accessible to all whilst also maintaining desired fitness goals and providing a sense of community for the people of Salford.

Sarah-Jane Broderick, co-founder of U-First Fitness society, said: “Within the last year with the pandemic, community has been really key in keeping us going.

“Creating a safe place for people to come and give it their all and push their hardest but to also know that they don’t just have their personal trainers pushing them on, they have the whole U-First Fitness Society as well.

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“Through the last year with the pandemic, community has been really key in keeping our guys going”.

U-First Fitness offers a range of training including high intensity training and sustained cardio.

Sarah said: “Myself and Anthony are both bodybuilders so resistance training and weight lifting is our biggest passion. We are big believers that everyone really could do with getting stronger. We get all of our guys, no matter what age they are, training with weights to strengthen their muscles, increase muscle mass and also take care of bones and joints.”

Like many businesses during the first lockdown, U-First Fitness adapted to the government restrictions by operating training sessions remotely,

“For the first lockdown we went completely online, so we took all of our group sessions onto Zoom. But we also realised quite quickly that a lot of our guys didn’t really get on with Zoom training as they didn’t sign up to be coached online, they signed up to be coached face to face,” she said.

“People are now really ready to get back outside and start moving again.”

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Over this time, there has been an increasing focus on the ways people can balance both their physical and mental health, with Sarah adding: “We’ve almost become unintentional therapists. You don’t realise how much your clients rely on you. Seeing my guys start smiling again and living their lives again and being full of energy and also, get this chance in growing our business again.”

U-First Fitness Society has training sessions at Buile Hill Park in Salford and also at Winnington Avenue Youth Club in Cheshire.

To find more about U-First Fitness Society, go to its Facebook page and Instagram page.

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