A 19-year-old student has launched her own fashion brand from her bedroom during the pandemic.

At the start of 2021, Danielle Binnall, decided to launch out on her own, capturing her love for raving and festivals with her fashion designs.

Credit: IG/@Psychocoww

The Salford University student has had the idea for her clothing brand ‘Psychocoww’ brewing over the past two years and decided to take the leap after quitting her job.

The festival and swimwear brand, features dresses, two pieces, bikinis, and more original designs, with an extensive selection of eye-catching fabrics to choose from.

Daniella from Rochdale said “I’ve just been thinking of starting it for a while, for like two years, making clothes and things like that and then I just thought why not and then I made a page and made a name up, and went with it.

“I was looking for bartender work and café work and I really didn’t want to do it, but I thought I’m going to have to get a job, and then I ended doing this. It can be lot with University as well, but I enjoy it, so it doesn’t really feel like working.”

Daniella launched her brand ‘Psychocoww’ this January reaching more than 3000 followers in just four months, receiving backing from promoters and influencers from across the country, which has helped boost its success.

Daniella added: “I’ve sent a lot of promotional packages but at the beginning I just put my friends in the outfits and took pictures of them all. And then at one point I just bought loads of £1 sheets from Poundland, like dry white sheets and stuck them up around my living room, got a ring light and took some pictures and blurred out the background. It actually worked quite well.”

Despite Studying Fashion Design at Salford, as well Art and Design at college, Daniella has taught herself how to make her clothes via YouTube.

She said: “I did textiles in high school and art and design in college, and I’m doing fashion now in Uni, like it all has taught me a lot along the way, but I did teach myself a lot. I learnt how to make pattern pieces for the clothes and adding different inches to make different sizes on YouTube”.

Credit: IG/@Psychocoww


As a lover of raving and festivals, Daniella frequently wears her own clothes, basing her designs on what typically she would see when out. Inspired by brands such as Succeed and Dolls Kill, she was interested with working with lycra, and fabrics that would work well in a night life setting.

She added: “It took me a while to get a decent supplier, I was looking for a while though Instagram pages where other places tagged fabrics, and then I found a supplier and they were quite expensive. But I thought I’d rather pay more and have decent fabrics”.

Credit: IG/@Psychocoww

Daniella hopes to carry on her brand after University, with the aim to make it a full-time job, adding new lines within the brand, all linking with the name Cow.

“With the name cow it would be great to do carry on lines, such as Cosy Cow, as a loungewear line, and Casual Cow as a basic clothing line. I’ve not given it too much thought, but I would do something like that and keep it all similar to Cow,” she said.

If you want to check out Daniella’s brand, you can visit her Instagram page @Psychocoww.

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