Plans for an expansion of the Audacious Church, off of Trinity Way has left local residents disappointed.

The plans are designed to boost the 1,400 capacity of the Audacious Church which regularly welcomes more than 5,500 people across three services every Sunday.

The plans included a five-storey link building and a seven-storey car park Salford church to accommodate its growing audience.

The initial proposal was granted by Salford City Council back in 2017, however elements of the expansion have been revised and scaled back.

A resident from the neighbouring apartment complex ALTO, Joe Allen said: “The plans have changed somewhat for the better since 2017, however several multi-storey car parks have been built within walking distance of the Church since too.

“The plans have scaled back, but it is still a multi-year development and the impact of ongoing construction on those living around it is damaging.

“We are lucky that the Church are understanding of reservations against the build and that they genuinely do want to do right by the places around them.

“They’ve personally offered to pay for resident’s black out curtains whilst construction goes ahead”.

Allen has owned his apartment in the ALTO complex since 2014.

He said: “It feels like you get scammed into buying an apartment and told whatever happens, you have to deal with it”.

Unhappy with the build, Allen has been in talks with Liberal Democrat campaigner Alex Warren.

Warren has been offering advice to ALTO residents on how to dispute the build.

He said: “The build must have the community in mind.

“Residents need to make an organised case to go forward to the planning committee.”

He also said: “You can’t go into this opposing everything, there must be compromise at every level.

“It won’t be stopped completely, but there is definitely possibility for change”.

A committee date is yet to be scheduled but the determination deadline date is 19th July 2021.

Listen to the interview with Alex Warren:

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