Would-be bowlers can enjoy a free introduction to the sport in Ordsall Park on August 18, hosted by the Ordsall Veterans Bowling and Social Club.

Bill Heywood, a member of the Ordsall Veterans Bowling and Social Club, explained: “The veterans bowling club has been here and it was established in 1900, now it’s been here for 121 years.”

“It’s just keeping the tradition going,” he adds, referring to a leaderboard detailing all the matches the clubs had over the years.

Open bowling is a game of precision with different bowl weights, with the aim being to get as close as possible to a yellow ball that’s thrown first. The player that bowls the ball that ends up closest is the winner and unlike commercial bowling, it’s generally played on an open field.

“You come in, you have a look at the facilities, you can start with the wooden bowls, try them first,” Mr Heywood explains.

“If somebody wanted to go on and take part and it wasn’t a match day, we’d say certainly and open the gate for you”.

Laura Clavin, 28, who’s taken part in Open Bowling many times in Ordsall park, says: “I think it’s a fun and weird activity to do… I didn’t expect to enjoy it but it turned out to be really fun.”

She continues: “I met a lot of people and I think it’s a good way to get people out of the house, to communicate and to engage.

“It brings people together in the community because a lot of the people are from Salford so they’ve seen it and thought to come along.”

“We met the bowlers and they’re always so lovely and funny, it’s really good.”

When asked about the event on the 18th, Miss Clavin emphasises that “anyone’s welcome, any age”.

To find out more about the upcoming event, click here.

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