After many of us were affected by the petrol crisis last week, Salford pubs may be the next casualty of the carbon dioxide shortage. 

Due to a lack of lorry drivers and record high gas and power prices, a carbon dioxide shortage has hit Britain, and there are worries that local businesses will not escape the repercussions.

Tim Flynn owns The New Oxford, in Bexley Square, Salford. He explained that at the minute, he has not been affected by the carbon dioxide shortage, however it may become an issue in the future.

“I have a contract with a company, and I carry quite a bit of co2 in the cellar because we have 42 different items on draft, so I keep a huge amount of CO2 as a back up”

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However, Tim admits that he has concerns for the future of his pub.

“Between the stock shortage, (we are on the curfew regarding buying beer in) and the CO2, it is more stressful than the pandemic itself.”

The New Oxford has been a popular and well-loved pub amongst locals for many years, as they have won awards and even hold a beer festival every year.

Tim explained what this could mean for his pub: “We would have to close because as I was saying, we have 42 beers on draft. Without any CO2, you can’t make beer.”

Despite this, Tim remains optimistic and advises others not to panic.

“At the moment, I would say that it will probably sort itself out. I wouldn’t panic buy, I think we’ll all get through this, and we’ll be fine.”

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