Salford star, Christopher Eccleston, recently told how he “thought he was going to die” in 2016.

The ex Doctor Who star, now 57, opened up about his mental health with Big Issue vendor, Clive. Christopher Eccleston recalls: “I think the received wisdom about people who sell The Big Issue is that they’ve never had a successful life.

“But I discovered that when I had a severe clinical depression and I was hospitalised… I nearly lost everything.”

Christopher Eccleston
Eccleston In The A Word. Image: BBC

He also opened up about struggling with a mental health episode whilst filming the first series of BBC’s ‘The A Word’:

“I was playing a character called Maurice, who was comic and bluff, spending 10 hours a day being him. Then I would go back to my room and wouldn’t sleep.

“I found out afterwards that I’d been in fight or flight for a couple of years and could no longer fight or fly. My brain chemistry was telling me I was about to die.

“I don’t know whether it would be called psychosis, I was just convinced that I was about to die.”

Christopher’s story shows how people in very different walks of life can all struggle, as he mirrors his issues with Big Issue vendor Clive.

Speaking to the charity Mind In Salford, a spokesperson stated that: “Mental health is a very real issue. Many people just choose to suffer in silence rather than open up. It’s a difficult thing to do.

“Institutions like this and other Mental Health charities are great support for people struggling. Other NHS-run services are available; the support is out there.”

They also stated that, for loved ones of those struggling, there are many ways to help someone struggling with their mental health: “The best thing to do is start a conversation, the good that a small chat can do can’t be understated.”

To read Eccleston’s original interview, visit The Big Issue’s website.

If you are struggling with you mental health, or know someone who is, then support is available from The Samaritans, or locally through the Greater Manchester Mental Health hotline on 01204 483071.



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