A Salford University professor is encouraging people to get their Covid-19 vaccinations as the winter months close in.

Penny Cook, Professor of Public Health at The University of Salford, said: “I understand why some people struggle with the decision because there is a lot of misinformation out there.

“Some of the myths include that younger people don’t get very serious consequences of COVID. That is not true. It’s still important to get the vaccine even if you are young and healthy, or have had COVID-19 before.

“The other reason to get vaccinated is to protect other people—by getting fully vaccinated you’ll be helping to protect your grandparents and parents.

“Collectively, as a society, we’ll move more quickly towards being able to be more normal and get back to all the activities that we enjoy if more of us are fully vaccinated.”

Salford residents can get vaccinated at walk in clinics across the city, some of which can be located on this map.

However some have refused to get vaccinated or follow social distancing rules.

Some of those particularly feeling forced into the decision are care home staff. Clare Margrave, manager at Laburnum Court nursing home said: “I honestly don’t have an opinion on it.

“So half of me thinks my staff have had their two vaccines so why not have the booster. The other half thinks ‘why should they have it if they don’t want it?’”

Those wanting to get their vaccines, whether it is their first, second or third dose are heavily encouraged to do so. You can do so by visiting the national vaccine booking service here, calling 119 or contacting your GP.

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