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Sustainable fruit and veg delivery service Boxed Green Co have extended their delivery area to anywhere in the Salford postcode as part of their one year celebrations.

Andrea Parker who runs the company Boxed Green Co, believes it is an asset to the Salford community and helps people with an easy weekly sustainable swap.

As its World Vegan month this November, it’s essential we attempt to be greener by using as many fresh fruit and vegetables as possible. This will also help to heighten Salford’s sustainability.

Credit: Daniel Eden

Andrea said: “My ambition has always been to have my own business. In 2020 I was unexpectedly made redundant from the aviation industry. There’s never been a “right” time to start a business but becoming unemployed gave me the motivation I needed to embark on my new venture – Boxed Green Co. Now I have finally hung up my wings, I am ready for a new chapter.”

During the development of an allotment space and nurturing a passion for providing high quality organic and seasonal vegetables and fruit boxes, Boxed Green Co was created.

Andrea said: “Personally, I have not eaten meat since 1994. Plants have been my main diet. Therefore, I have always purchased organic and seasonal vegetables. The idea, I think has been there all along. It took a pandemic, a will to succeed and a lot of self-confidence to finally achieve it.”

The Boxed Green Co workshop in located in Bolton. However, their local delivery area includes Salford and Trafford. Andreas explains that being a local and organic business delivering in Salford enhances her customer shopping experience as the box scheme is bespoke.

Credit: Daniel Eden

As we all need to be more conscious of the plant and doing whats best for the environment. Andrea explores how organic is better for the planet.

She said: “It’s designed to respect nature and to enhance heathy soil. No artificial fertilisers encouraging healthier soils that store carbon. It’s better for nature and wildlife. 41% of Britain’s wildlife species have declined. Since 1970 more than 1 in 10 are currently facing extinction. Pesticide use has been the main driver of these declines. Organic farms provide homes for bees, birds, and butterflies. Plant and bird life is up by 50% on organic farms.”

Having a meat free diet is more popular than ever as we begin to help restore the environment, especially with many new meat-free takeaways and restaurants in the Salford and Greater Manchester area. Andrea explains how she’s noticed the shift in carnivores.

She said: “I have recently been adding my tried and tested vegan recipes to my veg and fruit boxes. So far, I have had a great response as it has been helping my customers get the most out of their veg boxes. Anyone looking to make a change to eating more sustainably and ethically whether you are veggie, vegan, flexitarian or carnivorous is welcome to try my organic produce but ask me for a strawberry in December…it’s a no! It isn’t possible by mother nature’s standards!”

As Andrea started up Boxed Green Co independently, she is her own boss. She explains the ups and downs of being the CEO.

“I love being my own boss! I would say surrounding yourself with other local businesses, or people working in the same field you can trust is a must. Sometimes you need to bounce around ideas, find solutions or share challenges. I would also say, getting used to working on your own is something I hadn’t really considered, a radio helps!”

Credit: Isabella Sweet

Sustainability is a growing concern for Salford as well as its surrounding areas. Andrea shares how she keeps Boxed Green Co sustainable.

“I was lucky enough to find a disused pump house surrounded by nature, that needed renovation in October last year. It took 4 weeks to complete, and I started my veg box service on the 1st Nov. The first thing I did was add a hot bin composter.

“It was important to me that my business waste could be composted. My veg box liners, stationery, catering gloves are all composted in my hot bin composter. My customers names are written on the cardboard boxes, and they are returned to me to be reused. I have my own compostable produce bags for food use and no GMO I use these for loose leaf spinach and kale no plastic is sent.

“The twine I use to bunch seasonal veg is 100% natural, biodegradable and made locally in Manchester. I know all the above does compost because I create compost every 3 months from the hot bin. I am constantly growing and building a sustainable business that is kind to nature the environment and health.”

Buying and consuming seasonal produce also has a big impact on the sustainability of the business. Boxed Green Co only provides fruit and veg in season, this mean the produce is harvested in their own seasons. Andrea says this gives the fruit and veg extra flavour, crunch, and extra juiciness.

As Boxed Green Co is a growing business it has lots to look forward to in the future. Andrea Parker shares her dream for the company.

“My dream is for Boxed Green Co to continue to grow and to recruit a team in the near future and to spread the Boxed Green love of tasty and fresh vegetables delivered to your door.”

Boxed Greens Co
Credit: Daniel Eden-

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