A mother and baby fitness group PRAM-FIT has recently been introduced at Buile Hill Park in Salford.

PRAM-FIT is the latest offering from U-First Fitness Society who regularly provide local fitness and personal training classes to the Salford community.

The aim of the new outdoor bootcamp is designed for new mums who are looking to get back into exercise and good nutrition safely after having given birth.

Credit: 2021 Jennifer Mawby

Sarah-Jane Broderick, the creator behind the PRAM-FIT, said: “I’ve heard of fitness classes where mums bring babies with them but what I saw a gap for in the market was somewhere where they could bring the babies with them and train effectively but also have the nutrition coaching on top because nine times out of ten when a client comes to us they want to build up some muscle, get fitter, stronger, more confident and loose some weight.

“In order to do that we need to make sure nutrition is where it needs to be behind the scenes as well for them not only to get the results they want and learn how to maintain them as well.”

Sarah-Jane Broderick / Credit: 2021 Jennifer Mawby

PRAM-FIT takes place twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays between 9:45am and 11am and has monthly check-ins to ensure progress is occurring and the results the mums are expecting are being met.

The personal trainer added: “We don’t promote being thin, we promote being strong and more confident.

“Our mums come not only for the physical reasons but for their mental health as well especially where new motherhood can be lonely.

“In terms of nutrition, we encourage people to eat whatever they want, we don’t restrict any foods, we just teach people how to shape their week to plan for things to make sure they can still enjoy what they want along with their social life but staying on plan at the same time.”

Credit: 2021 Jennifer Mawby

PRAM-FIT has created a space for local mums to come together not only for the exercise but also for the community spirit it brings and a chance to bond over new motherhood.

Fran Wilson, one of the new mother attendees, said: “I was looking for groups to get me out of the house a bit with the baby and it just popped up on Facebook and I was interested in getting back to fitness after having a baby and I messaged Sarah and have been coming ever since.”

Fran Wilson / Credit: 2021 Jennifer Mawby

The new mum added: “It’s just nice, you get to come out and meet other mums, meet other babies, get a work out in and just do something for you and your baby as well.”

Fran reflected on the benefits of a mother and baby group expressing her gratitude it allows her to exercise whilst not having to arrange childcare options.

She said: “It’s a way you can fit fitness in around having a young child and not having to find a babysitter so it’s really good that you can get out and do both.”

Credit: 2021 Jennifer Mawby

Sarah-Jane provides bespoke nutritional plans to ensure that every member of PRAM-FIT is achieving their own individual goals.

Sarah-Jane added: “It’s really important not to rush getting back to fitness and exercise after just having a baby, it’s a massive stress and toll on your body and it’s a big adaption not just physically but mentally as well so we follow the guidelines for how long they need to wait in terms of starting exercise up again but I also make sure whenever a new mum comes in that I have a good chat with them and I make sure she is physically ready, we chat about any issues they might have so any injuries, medical conditions, things we’d need to take into consideration.

“If we do have someone that has special considerations come down, we just make adaptations for them, there might be some exercises they can’t do but there is always something we can swap that out for.”

You can keep up to date with the group on Facebook.

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