Mutt Strut is a self-run business currently located in Sheffield, which provides services for dog and cat owners who need help from time to time.

Rachael Barlow, owner of Mutt Strut said: “we’re a new company which ranges from pet sittings for cats and dogs to dog walking.

“We do solo walks which are more suited to nervous dogs and group walks which are more for the socialising dogs.”

Dog taxis and dog chauffeurs for special events are also services which Mutt Strut provides.

Permission to use by Rachael Barlow.

“I’ll take a dog to a wedding for up-to a couple of hours so that they can get their picture taken and then I will take them back home for a walk.”

Here is an infographic which shows the popularity of dogs across the UK, plus some advice for how to look after them.





As Mutt Strut has only been running for around four months, Rachael is still figuring out which services are most popular ahead of her relocation to Salford.

“The idea is to see which areas have the most demand so that I can concentrate a bit more on that.”

The switch to Salford is set to happen during the next two weeks which can’t come quick enough for Rachael who has been doing research on the City.

“There’s so much going on in Salford, it’s a much bigger audience.

I’ve had so many queries already and I’m not even there so it’s looking really promising.”

It’s not just Rachael who is set to move to Salford in the upcoming weeks, she is also bringing along her little helper also known as “Dave” the pug who is also looking forward to becoming a Salfordian.

Permission to use by Rachael Barlow.

Here is Rachael Barlow talking about the services of Mutt Strut and what the plan is for the future.

To contact Mutt strut visit @muttstrut pets on both Facebook and Instagram.




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