Salford City Council has announced it will pay all social care workers in Salford the Real Living Wage from April 1 2022.

The hourly rate increase to £9.90 will benefit more than 4,000 care workers, providing them with an extra £768 per year.

The announcement comes after Labour members of the council called for all councils within Greater Manchester to pay care staff the Foundation Living Wage.

Labour candidate for Higher Irlam and Peel Green, Mishal Saeed stated: “There is a rising cost of living, national insurance is going up, our energy costs are rising through the roof, but the wage has stayed pretty much stagnant, so this was much needed.”

Mishal has also supported campaigns for carers in the past and is a devoted member of Unison.

“I was really overjoyed with the announcement as I’ve been involved in campaigning for our care workers to be treated with dignity and fairness, so this is a massive achievement.

“It’s not just about clapping for our carers and showing empty gestures, it’s about taking concrete action to give care workers the recognition and acknowledgement that they deserve.” She added.

Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett was pleased to announce the news stating: “They deserve every penny and more!”

The Care Quality Commission and Skills for Care have discovered that vacancies in social care have doubled since April 2021 with workers aged over 55 representing 24% of the workforce.

This means approximately 1,300 care workers will be reaching retirement age in the next 10 years with only 9% of workers aged 24 and under.

The community of Salford shared their satisfaction with one Salford resident tweeting: “As a Salfordian and Council Taxpayer, all I can say is well done Mr Mayor!”

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