Salford City Radio is fighting to keep its station on air after 15 years of serving the Salford community.

They must reach a target of £20,000 by the 5th April in order to renew their Ofcom licence for another five years. The funding will also assist with the cost of licence fees, equipment, and running costs.

The station not only provides volunteers with transferable CV skills and increased confidence but has provided a voice for charities, local businesses, schools, local theatres, artists, and musicians from Salford.

The station has also provided a platform for local people to gain radio experience as volunteers, who have then gone on to work in Media City in a variety of paid roles.

Manager and only staff member of Salford City Radio, Jill Bowyer, stated: “The impact the loss of the station would have on the 80 volunteers would be enormous.

“For some people, it gives a much-needed sense of purpose, and some report it’s the reason that they keep going from one week to the next.

“A lot of our volunteers have conditions that they’re living with or recovering from, and some of them are caring for family members.

“Just to have that couple of hours a week where they do something which is for themselves has a massive impact on their health and well-being.

“We know not everyone is able to donate, but people can still help us by sharing our message on social media or with their friends and family because it might just reach somebody who can.”

Image by Salford City Radio

Salford City Radio means a lot to Salfordians with one Crowdfunder supporter commenting: “Salford City Radio is a friend, and a companion, to a lot of people in the Salford area.

“It has been in your homes, cars, workplace throughout Covid. Giving you non-stop music, talks and discussions when we all needed that little extra.

“Now is the time to support Salford City Radio.”

If you would like to support Salford City Radio’s Crowdfunder please click here

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