Author: Abigail Greatrex

Diabulimia: Myth or the hard truth?

URGENT FIGURES from Central Manchester CCG show that diabetic patients aren’t taking the recommended care checkups advised.  Figures published by […]

Green Belt threatened to be moved from Manchester areas

PETITIONERS have rallied against the initial proposal of building houses on protected grounds, on moving the green belt from Flixton. […]

Greater Manchester ‘best’ place for IVF

NEW claims have revealed that Greater Manchester is the best place for fertility treatment (IVF) on the NHS. The Fertility Fairness campaigners […]

Independent Salford pub saved by Norwegian football fan

A SALFORD pub has been saved from demolition by a Norwegian Manchester United fan whose actions prevented a struggling business from […]

‘Women of Science’ campaign officially launched

A CAMPAIGN which celebrates the stories of female scientists across Europe has officially launched – with its first story now published online. The […]

Budweiser and Uber drink aware campaign set to air in UK throughout December

BUDWEISER have teamed up with Uber and Helen Mirren to create an ‘uber’-informative drinking campaign this December – recruiting Facebook […]