Author: Davide Graziosi

The Lowry - Copyright credit: Davide Graziosi

“We are delighted to finally get Future Cargo out on the road” – The Lowry’s first outdoor show to premier in June

A sci-fi dance performed in a haulage truck will be the Lowry theatre’s first outdoor show later this month. Future […]

Clarendon Park

“I would never let my two children to come here without my supervision, it is very unsafe” – Salford residents upset with the state of Clarendon Park

Clarendon Park used to be an area where local children could play outdoors, but today stands abandoned and unsafe. It […]

“Sometimes caring for a loved one can be overwhelming” – Salford councillor urges carers to understand their rights

A councillor has urged carers to understand their rights and take advantage of support available across Salford.