IT was beginning to look a lot like Christmas at LEAF café on Portland Street over the weekend as it opened its doors to lots of festive furry friends.

As a nation of pug-lovers, it came as no surprise that the visit from the pop-up pug café in Manchester would be  a popular one, with the event selling out on both weekend days.

Slightly differing to how cat cafés operate, the pop-up pug café invites dogs and their owners to socialise.

Whilst pug-owners can sit  with a cappuccino, their pets can have a whipped cream puguccino, served with pup-friendly treats such as a ‘cheese bark scotti’ and a ‘blueberry woofin’ whilst socializing with their fellow pugs.

Photo: Mica Robinson

Founder of the event, Anushka explained how it started: “Our first one was in May in Guildford in Surrey. It’s been amazing so far, from the very first one the response has been amazing and we’ve had so many people interested and so many pugs visiting!”

With the breed being somewhat of a social media sensation and famous pug, Doug the Pug, amassing 5.9 million Facebook likes, it seems as though the nation can’t get enough of the breed.

And it wasn’t just the pug-lovers and pug-owners that had fun, the pugs loved it too! Stanley the Pug’s owner commented: “it’s really nice to see all of the pugs playing together and having a nice time, Stanley’s enjoying it, the heavy breathing speaks for itself!”

However, all of Britain’s pugs are thought to have descended from only 50 animals, resulting in inbreeding that can cause a lot of health problems from spine and breathing issues.

With the health issues and the hefty average price tag of £1500 for a puppy, we still can’t resist these little balls of fluff.

The pop-up pug café will be in London on the 17th December.

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