Mocha Parade, based in Lower Broughton, is finally going to be demolished after years of neglect.

Built in the 1970’s, the shopping centre was once home to numerous thriving businesses, but flooding from the nearby river and out of date facilities have meant the area resembles that of a ghost town.

The proposed demolition could see a new Lidl and a modernised health centre being developed in its place.

With just eight businesses remaining at the shopping centre, a deal was finally agreed for Mocha Parade to be knocked down and re-developed.

The remaining tenants will be offered financial compensation or the ability to remain at the newly renovated Parade.


Salford City Council said in a statement: “After months of negotiations, a major supermarket has now entered into a period of exclusivity with the council. This gives them time to draw up final plans before submitting them to the council for approval.

“Discussions to provide a new GP-led health clinic are continuing with the NHS.”

Initial plans to re-develop Mocha Parade began 10 years ago, however delays have meant the approval has only recently been put through.

John Merry, Broughton Councillor and Deputy City Mayor of Salford, said: “We regret the length of time it has taken to achieve this, But we will have a brand new medical centre, new supermarket, and new shops.

“Mocha Parade has huge potential as a local shopping centre but everyone agrees it needs investment. It is great news that these plans are moving ahead to bring about the much needed transformation.”

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